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I am a licensed psychologist in the state of California. I have a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the California Graduate Institute and a Masters degree in Child and Adolescent Psychology from the University of Wales, Great Britain. My doctoral dissertation explored the elements of attachment and dependency that influence the choices single women make about their romantic partners. I now work to help people use angry energy as fuel to propel them toward their goals.

I believe that our emotional wounds are so painful that we often engage in self-defeating and self-destructive acts to get relief.

That is because we are hostage to our hot button issues, and can't help but react in ways that are self-sabotaging.

I work to enable you:

  • to find and nurture your voice so that you are released from reacting to those old wounds in the same unsatisfying ways.
  • I help you to recognize a broader range of choices and use them to develop relationships that honor the essence of your unique spirit.

Learn how to manage your hot buttons.

Learn how to manage your anger for more satisfying relationships.

Years of experience: I have thirty years of experience working as a mental health professional. Sixteen years were spent working with children, adolescents and adults in the United Kingdom, and the remainder have been in California focusing on adults and couples.

You can learn how to crack the code of couples conflicted communication.

Range of experience: While in the United Kingdom, I conducted countless assessments and acted as an expert witness for child custody and head injury cases, among others. I developed individualized programs for schools, families and children to enable them to reach their potential. I ran training and support groups for parents, allied professionals and teachers. I also used hypnosis to help young children with bed wetting and other anxiety problems.

During my time in California, I has presented workshops for adults on

  •  Using food to comfort and mask intolerable emotions
  •  Gaining strength from personal conflict
  •  Partner choices and relationship problems
  •  Bad stress disables, good stress enables
  •  Different Strokes For Different Folks – personalized remedies for stress
  •  Learning about yourself from your dreams.
  • Fear of Intimacy in couple relationships

Authorship: "Now You Want Me, Now You Don'! Fear of Intimacy: Ten ways to recognize it and ten ways to manage it in your relationship." 2014

I write on anger management,  stress, anxiety, depression, weight problems, finding a partner, dealing with unavailable partners, impotency, trying to be perfect, self-sabotage, marriage problems, relationship stress, Check out the blog posts on this site, and on my relationship blog.

You can also access my YouTube Videos on relationship problems, stress, anxiety, anger management, panic, motivation and intimacy.

Special Features: I use art therapy to give my clients a way of expressing their pain, their struggles and their hopes in a language that is powerful and louder than words. Together with the emphasis on dream work, clients are given a variety of tools to learn more about themselves and by so doing, take charge of the way they want their lives to be.

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