We must no more ask whether the soul and body are one than ask whether the wax and the figure impressed on it are one. Aristotle


The Mind-Body Connection

what are you denying

Emotional Blindness Affects Your Body and Disrupts the Smooth Flow of Mind-Body Connections

When you feel happy your heart races, your blood pressure changes, your energy level rises and your muscles relax. No matter how tired you are, or how hungry you may be, the feeling of happiness can instantly change your emotional state, and your physical operations.

Fear or anxiety also make your heart race, change your blood pressure, and alter your energy levels. You may freeze, or raise the activity level to use up the extra adrenaline in your blood stream.

Your body reacts to your emotions in the same way, but you experience happiness and fear as different feelings depending on the context of your interactions with other people.

What's the Difference Between Feelings and Emotions?

Feelings are in your conscious awareness

Emotions are physical states of being in your body

Both occur together, and influence one another. That's the essense of the mind-body connection.

But sometimes your feelings are pushed away, denied, strangled or suppressed. You may not want to feel upset or fearful. You may not want to deal with rejection or jealousy. Anger may make you feel out of control so you never express it. You learn not to let it touch you.


bound and gagged


Trying to control your feelings so that you can stay strong and self-sufficient can feel good in the moment, but be immensely damaging in the long run.

You see, just because you push away a bad feeling, doesn’t mean that your emotions haven’t registered the impact of that feeling and aren’t acting out in your body.  Emotions that aren’t acknowledged and dealt with become toxic in the body. They appear as ‘foreign bodies’ and your immune system goes to battle.

They activate the release of stress hormones that give you excess energy one minute and take you to minus zero energy the next.

Intense emotions like anger, hate, grief and fear show up in your body as pain, fatigue, exhaustion and a need to overeat. All because of the stress that is induced by these powerful but unprocessed feelings.



  • Your health deteriorates when you ignore your anger and stress because of the mind-body connection.


“It is illness that makes us recognize that we do not live in isolation but are chained to a being from a different realm, worlds apart from us and by whom it is impossible to make ourselves understood: our body." Marcel Proust




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