Are you angry that you aren’t seen and heard by your loved ones or colleagues?

Do you get angry and anxious when you don’t know where you stand?

Maybe you are furious that you aren’t valued and respected in the way you want.

All that anger promotes relationship stress, the most common and most dangerous source of stress because it is all pervasive.

INSECURITY feelings of uncertainty and anxiety about the stability and safety in your most significant relationships make you stressed and insecure, edgy and unable to trust in people.

  • Research indicates that feeling insecure in your relationships makes you more prone to stress and weakens your immune system. Journal of Psychosomatic Medicine, 2001.


How  I can help you:

1. Recognize the signs of stress related to relationship insecurity and attend to it before it gets out of hand.

2. Understand the roots of your insecurity so that you can free yourself from the traumas of the past.

3. Build a foundation of security so that you aren't dependent on others to feel comfortable and safe.

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NEGATIVE EMOTIONAL MEMORIES – if you expect to be rejected in relationships you may have a history of negative relationship experiences.

Stress makes you remember negative emotions more than good ones. Neuroscience, 2014. When you are overwhelmed by fear and anxiety, you don’t feel safe. You close up and don’t get nurtured by good connections with others. So you avoid relationships. You feel alone and get even more stressed, making you angry, irritable and liable to explode or become passive aggressive.  

Articles: White lies and whoppers make you sick, depressed and cut off from loved ones.


How  I can help you:

1. I can help you become aware of the triggers that make you live in old hurtful relationships, so you can focus on the here-and-now

2. I can help you loosen the ties to prior rejecting experiences, allowing you to be available for new, nurturing ones.

3. I can help you be more in tune with your feelings in the moment, express them openly and make room for honest connections with loved ones.

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  1.   Excess stress leads to   impotency.  In addition there is good evidence that stress degrades the quality of sperm, leading to infertility, Sterility and Fertility, 2014.

Unexpressed anger towards her partner can make a woman tighten muscles making for painful intercourse.

  1. Stress makes it harder to conceive a child, Fertility and Sterility 2010.


How  I can help you:

1. I can help you articulate the anger and fear that prevents you from enjoying a normal sex-life.

2. I can help you identify the source of stress that makes you loose your libdio and help you deal with the root causes.

3. I can help you understand and communicate your relationship fears that express themselves through sexual dysfunction.

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PERSONALITY TRAITS, RELATIONSHIPS AND STRESS If you are a type A driven personality focused on goal achievement then your adrenaline levels are constantly high, keeping you hyped for performance. Your relationships suffer and without any warmth and care you are moody, impatient, easily frustrated and prone to attack those who aren’t as perfectionistic as you are. The anger and hostility you take out on others reduces the quality of relationships and heightens your risk for heart disease.

Read this article to help you cope: Seven tips on managing stress for Type A personalities that get high on pressure

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Over time, the interactions between a couple can determine their mortality. The stress present between them as they interact can have negative implications for men more than women. Men need their women to be more emotionally availabe, so when the women are stressed, men have more negative health outcomes such as elevated blood pressure. These are the findings of of a study over a long period of years in the lives of married couples, reported in The Journals of Gerontology, Series B®: Psychological Sciences, 2015.

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