psychotherapy services for familes west los angelesMad that you can’t stop thinking of your ex ?

Annoyed that you ex still seems to rule your life?

Angry that your kids see you as the bad guy and your divorced partner as the good guy ?

Unbelievably frustrated that the battles never seem to stop?

I will help you

  • Get in touch with your own power and strength and use it effectively
  • Deal with the sorrow, uncertainty and relief as you build a new identity
  • Manage the helpless feelings as you heal from the wound


psychotherapy for parenting challenges west los angelesPARENTING

Annoyed that your partner doesn’t back you up when you discipline your kids?

Are you mad that you teenager uses you as an ATM machine?

Enraged that your kids seem out of control?

I will teach you how to

  • Make your expectations clear and communicate them effectively
  • Manage your fear of being disliked, being seen as mean, or losing love
  • Deal with guilt about being a bad parent



Fed up with squabbles over whose turn it is to do things for the family?

Frustrated that your family leave you out?

Livid that you lost a loved family member before you were ready?


I can help you

  • Communicate with family members so that you become an equal player
  • Avoid walking on a tight rope by finding your true voice
  • Digest your bereavement so that you can find meaning and satisfaction in life


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